Sunday, 6 July 2014

Mantus - The Expanded Collection (Colourzone and DC Remasters)

High Energy Disco brought to us by the mind of Will Crittendon. 
Power Disco all the way. 

I forgot to include one track so I have included the link separately 
for the track and the revised cover to reflect the missing track.
Check the comments section.

 Show me some love will yah.


Paul Colourzone said...

MANTUS The Expanded Collection:

The Missing Track:

The Revised Covers:

Anonymous said...


No conocía todo el trabajo de Mantus, sólo programaba en mis sesiones el clásico de rock it to the top, pero no había escuchado todo el vinyl completo.

Saludos y mi agradecimiento por compartir todo esto con nosotros.

Fernando Zárate

Paul Colourzone said...

Una de mis favoritas es "I'm So In Love"...

Anonymous said...

x-tra THANX 2 U!!! I'm Gonna Die soon."It's all'bout the dollar Bill" don't need fuckin' money!!!Byebynow....